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This training opportunity is a certificate course designed to provide pertinent information for veterinarians and veterinary technicians along with other professionals on the safe and efficacious application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in veterinary medicine. This is a comprehensive course that covers topics that include physics, physiology, indications, side effects, equipment and safety. This basic training course has been approved by the Veterinary

Hyperbaric Association and successful completion fulfills the first credential for achieving Certified Veterinary Hyperbaric Technician (CHT-V) status. The course is presented by a qualified and experienced faculty team.

Tuition for Course:
$750.00/ea. (Individual)    $500.00/ea. (Multiple) 

HBOT for Animals Basic Training Course Description:


The course is available for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, and other professionals interested in the application of hyperbaric oxygen in animals. It is required for completing

the steps necessary for achieving certification as a CHT-V and highly recommended for all animal hospitals and other facilities that provide hyperbaric therapy.  It is approved for 20 hours of RACE CE credit

(Must have a state license number and be registered with CE Broker, to receive credit in the RACE system.)


The Goals:

To provide an opportunity for individuals to learn…

●   The science behind the application of hyperbaric oxygen in animals, how hyperbaric oxygen 

     produces beneficial effects.

●   What conditions or diseases in animals can benefit from the application of hyperbaric oxygen.

●   About requirements and strategies to safely apply hyperbaric oxygen to various

     animal species.

The basic training course will be provided as a 2 ½ day on-line or recorded, virtual experience. 


Curriculum - General Topics:

Module 1

                Terminology and Definitions

                Units and unit conversions

                Laws and their application

                Decompression theory

                No - decompression tables – application


Module 2

                Physiology and pharmacology of oxygen

                Side effects



                Patient selection and preparation

Module 3

                Animal Hyperbaric Systems Characteristics

                Operational chamber safety

                Guidelines, recommendations, standards, codes, and laws

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