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CHT-V®: Certified Hyperbaric Technologist - Veterinary®


The certification CHT-V (Certified Hyperbaric Technologist-Veterinary) is acquired through the Veterinary Hyperbaric Association.

The VHA strongly recommends that at least one staff-member at each veterinary facility has achieved a CHT-V certification.

CHT-V Certification Description:


The certification program is designed to provide the necessary information and knowledge in order to fully understand all aspects of HBOT in the veterinary industry. It will act as a prerequisite to taking the certification exam for Certified Hyperbaric Technologist-Veterinary (CHT-V).

Upon completion of the program, the candidate should be able to confidently provide safe hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and start accumulating the necessary clinical hours to obtain certification.  The program is designed for Veterinarians and other personnel in the veterinary industry who provide and care for small and large animals and offer or plan to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The program is open to the following professions:

  • Veterinarian, DVM

  • Veterinary Technician, Certified Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Nurse or Animal Science Technician.



Topics to be covered:

  • History of Hyperbaric Medicine

  • Physical effects of pressure change

  • Physiology & Pharmacology of Hyperbaric Oxygen

  • Elevated Partial Pressure of Gases

  • Gases

  • Decompression Theory

  • Tissue Oxygen Measurement

  • Safety

  • Barotrauma

  • Fire Safety

  • Decompression Tables

  • Standards & Guidelines

  • Operational Chamber Safety

  • Chamber Operations

  • Applications Clinical

  • Hyperbaric Therapy Indications

  • Patient Selection, Evaluation & Preparation

  • Veterinary Chamber Systems

  • Side Effects / Contraindications of Hyperbaric Therapy in Animals 

  • Questions and Discussion

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