Dr. Alberto Rullan founded Performance Equine Veterinary Services in 2009. This practice focuses mainly on treating performance-related problems in horses. Dr. Rullan’s goal is to provide an accurate diagnosis in order to provide recovery foal the best available treatment for poor performing horses and/or horses with laminitis. Dr. Rullan also provides consulting services through the state of Florida for Paso Fino horses

Dr. Rullan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. In 2002, he received his Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Rullan was assigned a one-year equine Alberto in school internship at Louisiana State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Clinic where he obtained advanced training in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in equine medicine and surgery.

Dr. Rullan frequently travels to broaden his veterinary knowledge. He continues his studies in laminitis treatment, lameness diagnostics and treatment methods, and the use of stem cells and regenerative therapy in equine injury treatment and recovery. He is also very active in volunteering with the Equitation Initiative, a non-profit international organization that is dedicated to providing veterinary care to horses in less fortunate, first-world communities and teaching basic veterinary care to the people in these communities.

Dr. Rullan’s personal interests include flying, spending time with his family and every now and then riding his horse. He has over 10 years of experience training Paso Fino horses at Rullan Enterprises in Puerto Rico.

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